Week of 01/04

We’re posting our workouts again! Members have access to our app to log and track results, as well as see all our supplemental programming.

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5RM strict press into 2RM push press

20 calorie row
20 db clean, 70/45#
20 calorie row
20 db press
20 calorie row
20 db squat
20 calorie row
20 db snatch

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odd: 10 bench press
even: 1 peg board, or 2 rope climbs or max strict pull ups

50 calorie bike
40 kettlebell swings
30 ball slams
20 handstand push-ups
10 muscle ups

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Front squat
-build to a heavy single, then
-4-4-4-3-3-3 as heavy as possible

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes
5 power cleans, 205/135#
10 toes-to-bars
20 double unders

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open gym

[/vc_nested_accordion_tab][vc_nested_accordion_tab title=”FRIDAY”]

Split Jerk
-establish a 2rm, then
-every 30 seconds x 12, 1 split jerk

-Power cleans, 115/75#
-Burpees over the bar
-Power snatches, 115/75#
-Burpees over the bar

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Free Community WOD at 10am!