Day in the Life @ CFS

This week we’re posting an entire day of programming at СrossFit South. The last two weeks we gave a quick review of what to expect in our СrossFit group class, but we have so much more for you to do when you’re at the gym! Check it!

You can also follow along at home or at your local gym by subscribing to our gym’s programming. Daily workouts are pushed to your phone. Log your results, track your progress, and comment with other people at the gym. You can learn more HERE.

  • СrossFit

    A) Hang Squat Cleans
    3 @ 40%
    3 @ 40%
    3 @ 50%
    3 @ 60%
    3 @ 70%
    3 @ 70%
    3 @ 70%

    B) For Time
    800m row
    16 power snatch, 135/95#
    800m row
    16 clean + jerk, 135/95#
    800m row
    16 back squat, 135/95#

    C) Skill work
    Double unders and muscle ups

  • Bootcamp

    AMRAP 10 (as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of)
    300m row
    20 dumbbell hang snatches
    10 burpees

    rest 2 minutes

    AMRAP 10
    12/9 calorie bike
    16 dumbbell renegade rows
    30 russian twists

    rest 2 minutes

    AMRAP 10
    50 double unders
    10 hollow rocks
    10 sit ups

  • Aerobic Capacity

    5 rounds
    20 calorie bike/row/ski
    rest 30 seconds

    immediately into

    5 rounds
    30 calorie bike/row/ski
    rest 1 minute

    immediately into

    100 calorie bike/row/ski


  • Swole

    5 ROUNDS
    10 push press (as heavy as possible)
    immediately into:
    1 minute skierg for max calories (20+ calorie goal)
    rest 3 minutes


    4 ROUNDS
    Single Arm DB Hammer Curl for a “21 set” (Right arm only)
    Single Arm DB Hammer Curl for a “21 set” (Left arm only)


    “Gun Walk” for 100 feet with (2) DBs
    The weight should be just enough to where you pretty much fail at the last few seconds. The weight should also determine how fast you are walking.


    DB or KB Shrugs to failure
    Try to grab something heavy and get at least 10+ reps
    Rest 2min. after each set


    Split 100 Barbell Curls with a friend with a 45/35lb bar
    You do 10, I do 10.
    The rest is the time it takes your partner to finish.

  • Bodyweight (No Equipment/Home Option)

    2 ROUNDS
    50 air squats
    50 lateral jumps over a line
    50 burpees
    50 sit ups
    50 mountain climbers