Every week we have classes to make you stronger, faster, fitter, and more flexible!

Beyond our daily classes, we also provide specialized programming to focus on strength, conditioning, and mobility. If you can’t make the scheduled times, you will always have access to the programming that you can do during open gym!

Not exactly a seperate class, but an hour-long option that can be done in lieu of our regular class or during open gym. The focus of this programming takes the principles of the functional fitness and applies it to bodybuilding and powerlifting. Lots of dumbbells, barbells, isolation work…lots of results!

This class is designed to help you improve mechanics and to provide you with the tools to perform basic maintenance on yourself to become a better athlete. We will teach you how to recover from intense workouts, achieve better positioning and manage soreness all through foam rolling, self-myofascial release, PNF, trigger point, self-massage, and stretch band work.

We program a separate Olympic Lifting program that meets during designated times under the guidance of an oly coach. Join us to practice the snatch and clean & jerk, as well as accessory work to improve your lifts. Our members can also come to the gym outside of these designated class times to do the programming by themselves, but we encourage you to come to class to get feedback!

Conditioning, or “engine” is a fundamental aspect of fitness, for both the serious competitor and the person competing only against themselves. The daily WODs provide considerable conditioning benefit for the untrained person, but an avid participant will quickly approach a point of diminishing returns to their conditioning from this style of training alone. Improving beyond this point requires a dedicated effort that utilizes running, rowing, biking, and skiing. We have cardio-intensive workouts that can be done together as a class or on your own time any time that we’re open, but you must yield equipment to our group classes.

This is one my favorite additions to CFS! Come Sunday, most people are kinda beat up and sore from life, work, and working out, but they still want to do something and stay active. So with Sunday Funday, I program longer, lower intensity workouts. These WODs usually last about 40-50 minutes, but there’s no heavy lifting or anything difficult. Just slowly grinding through the workout and getting a good sweat session in before going home for Sunday meal prepping!