Want to do something besides a group class? We have space, equipment, and programming to fit your needs!

It can be difficult to program for everyone with an hour-long group class, so we offer open gym access for members to pursue virtuosity by working on their strengths and weaknesses outside of class. Members have access to our app where we provide extra work for our athletes, and we encourage all to stay late or come in early to do work on improving their fitness. Every day we provide additional lifting, aerobic capacity workouts, bodybuilding, and gymnastics skills to practice!

If there’s something else you’d like to work on besides what we program, let us know! We just want to make sure your programming is safe and smart. If you need guidance, please don’t hesitate to ask! However, open gym is not an opportunity for free personal training. Coaches that are present are there to maintain safety, instruct classes, complete daily tasks, or do their own working out. If you’re interested in personal training, you can inquire with us HERE.

Our members can do our supplemental programming anytime that we’re open, however group classes will always have priority for space and equipment, so you might have to work around the class. Members that wish to do their own programming will need to use their 24/7 access privileges and come during times that we don’t have group classes. All members must show proficiency before they’re allowed to participate in open gym.

Getting Started

How To Use Open Gym

As mentioned above, our members have access to the facility during operating hours to do the supplemental programming that we provide. If a class is going on at the same time, the group class will have priority with space and equipment, but we do our best to program our extra work around the group classes. Programming not provided by the gym will need to be done during times that do not have a group class. Since our members have 24/7 access that gives a lot of opportunities to work out!

Please be respectful of the coaches and your fellow members. Open gym is a privilege, not a right, and can be revoked at any time due to disruption or failure to follow rules. For 24/7 access, we will have an additional waiver for you to fill out, as well as a separate set of rules that must be followed.


  • Reserve your spot online
  • Keep your equipment in your designated area
  • Forfeit equipment or space needed for classes
  • Clean up your mess and return equipment to its location