Going to the gym isn’t as easy as it used to be, so we’re here to help you maximize your training at home!

We maintain rigid cleaning procedures, prohibit sharing of equipment, and enforce proper distancing at the gym. However, we understand that some people still might not feel comfortable going out into a public gym with COVID still around.

How We Can Help

Supplement your training while at home

While nothing can replace the experience of coming to the gym, working out with your friends, and getting access to our equipment and coaches, we are making efforts to still provide a stellar service to members at home.

If you have access to a fully stocked garage gym or limited to a few pieces of equipment, we can help guide you with some programming. With access to our gym’s app, you’ll be able to see all of our daily class workouts, supplemental programming for strength and conditioning, as well as limited equipment and bodyweight-only options. You’ll be able to see everyone else’s results and you can stay in contact with them through the app. We can also make a more personalized workout plan for you, as well as respond to questions and give form feedback with a weekly zoom meeting or email correspondence.

Gym Programming


/ month

  • Access to our App
  • Daily Workouts
  • Supplemental programming
  • Limited equipment options
  • Record your progress
  • Communicate with other members

Work with a Coach


/ month

  • Gym Programming included
  • 15-minute weekly Zoom calls with a coach
  • Send in videos of your lifts for feedback
  • Tailor-made workouts based on your available equipment and personal goals