• 07JAN, 2018

    Cooking With Keras: Char Siu

    This is one of my favorite dishes to cook, it's so addicting! The balance of sweet and savory in the sauce and the fattiness of the pork shoulder makes it irresistible. I make it in small batches in the oven and by the time I cook my second batch I may have already eaten the
  • 06JAN, 2018

    Cooking With Keras: No-Knead Pizza

    What is Gluten? My past two pizza posts have both involved making your own pizza dough. However, most people are tepid about all the steps involved, which is totally understandable. If I didn't have a stand mixer, I would hate having to knead the dough by hand. It's hard work! So why do we even
  • 13JUL, 2017

    Cooking With Keras: Deep Dish Pizza

    What's your favorite type of pizza? So many different styles! New York, Sicilian, Chicago, St Louis, sushi, calzones, and so much more! I love them all, but apparently some people really HATE Chicago-style deep dish pizza: It's a tale as old as time, New York vs Chicago pizza, distinct in their own ways. Thin foldable