• 03JAN, 2021

    Week of 01/04

    We're posting our workouts again! Members have access to our app to log and track results, as well as see all our supplemental programming. MONDAY 5RM strict press into 2RM push press 20 calorie row 20 db clean, 70/45# 20 calorie row 20 db press 20 calorie row 20 db squat 20 calorie row 20
  • 30DEC, 2020

    24/7 Access

    We’ve installed and implemented a new way to workout at CrossFit South. Starting on January 1st, all members have 24/7 access to the gym! Rules and restrictions apply. Click HERE to see what rules need to be followed during open gym.

  • 02DEC, 2020

    Big Changes!

    We’ve got a new location, a new website, and many new things that we can’t wait to share with you! Please pardon our progress as we work to make your experience better than ever!