• 07DEC, 2021

    Wrap Your Thumb Around The Bar!

    Like learning to hookgrip the barbell (next week!), thumbs around a pull-up bar or barbell is frustrating to learn, but the benefits of both these skills far outweigh the painful transition period. Would you snatch the barbell without your thumb wrapped around it? It’s possible, but it largely reduces your ability to grip, reduces the

  • 20NOV, 2021

    Thanksgiving Week

    Schedule for the week of Thanksgiving will have the following changes: No group classes on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. However, all members that have 24/7 access can still use the gym and programming on these days will be provided.

  • 09NOV, 2021

    Damper Setting

    If someone tells you that you need to row at a 10, tell them I said they’re an idiot. I’ve seen lots of people in the gym that have come from other places that said their coach told them to always row at a 10. No. Just no. I’ve never rowed at a 10, not