• 30SEP, 2015

    Team Amanda Heats

    Here are the heats for the Team Amanda competition on October 10th @ 11am. If everything runs smoothly, it should be done in under 3 hours. Don’t forget we’ll be cooking out Sunday at noon! EVENT 1 RX AMRAP 7 12 power cleans, 155/105 21 double unders 12 pull ups SCALED AMRAP 7 12 deadlifts,

  • 29SEP, 2015

    Team Amanda Deadline Wednesday

    Wednesday is the last day to sign up for the Team Amanda fundraiser. GO HERE for more information as well as to sign up! Wednesday is also the last day to reserve a tshirt at the gym, and monies need to he paid up before the weekend.

  • 27SEP, 2015

    CFS Newsletter, 9/27/15

    OK! The schedule has been slightly tweaked. For those of you that are super excited about coming to the gym and signed up way in advance, make sure you check the schedule as there have been changes! Too many of y’all had signed up for classes already, and it would just be a big ol’