• 31AUG, 2014

    Sunday, August 31st update

    Tomorrow is Labor Day and we will be open for only one class at 0900. We will be doing a hero workout, and scaling options will be provided. Come work out and then go grill and hang out with your family and friends! Week 1 is finished and in the books. We did some squats,

  • 30AUG, 2014

    Facebook Group

    We have a Facebook group set up for members to share and discuss wods/articles/competitions/etc. https://www.facebook.com/groups/314874825351804/ We wish to populate the group with our current members only. You can request access through the link, but I’d recommend if you have a Facebook account to add the owners and coaches as friends so we can facilitate intra-gym

  • 29AUG, 2014


    There will be one class and one class only on Monday – 0900 Hero WOD Saturday 10AM OLY Pause clean + pause jerk Snatch 11AM TEAM -to be determined- Don’t forget you can help nominate a workout for the team wod